Levelling systems

To have a stable and level motorhome while parked is the dream of every owner. You will sleep much better and the motorhome won’t move when you do. Changing a wheel will be simple and easy.
MA-VE levelling

The MA-VE automatic levelling system will offer you price and quality that will surprise you. It uses an electro-hydraulic pump and features a hand lever to retract the legs when required to so manually.
There are different models of lifting jacks available in the range. All models of motorhome jacks are coated five times to increase protection against corrosion. The large support plates prevent jacks from sinking into the ground. 
The electronic control unit can be used to operate the levelling both manually and automatically. It can also be used for different functions, such as the emptying of tanks. The user interface is a simple control panel that will integrate perfectly into your vehicle thanks to its discreet and elegant design.

Fitted Price £5,250 including VAT

Ma-Ve Auto Level on Sunlight motorhome
Ma-Ve Levelling kit
Watch the video of the system in operation
HPC levelling

We can install the high quality HPC Hydraulic Levelling System for you at a competitive price. This system works to provide the convenience of a level and stable motorhome, activated in a speedy sub-90 seconds.
You can choose from four different levelling positions (level1, level2, tank drain, and stabilise), using a touch-screen control panel, as well as manual adjustments to extend and retract the legs. You can even download a special smartphone app to control it with a touch of your screen.
The HPC motorhome automatic levelling system is extremely lightweight, featuring jacks made from anodised aluminium. It also features an emergency pump handle, so you can be sure never to find yourself stuck in a tricky situation with your motorhome.
Manual mode in the control panel (or on the app) simplifies activities such as changing a wheel, fitting snow chains, or operating the system from outside for other reasons.

Fitted Price £5,520 including VAT

HPC system on Mercedes motorhome
Smartphone app-operated option
Close-up view of the activated system